Everything About Us

ENET is an acronym that stands for Essenden Network for Employment and Training. It is an organisation fully vested in the idea that every unemployed person is a prospect and pool of untapped valuable resources. As such, these potentials or opportunities should be maximised to the fullest, groomed for gainful employment, or increase their employability in society.

At ENET, we aim to provide individuals with a pertinent and answering service that places focus on self-sufficiency and self-reliance. We are a membership-based community with established partnerships with various other organisations with a vested interest in advancing the skill development and employability in unemployed individuals.

Some of our Partner Organisations include Jobs Australia and North West Network. We have been in this commitment for nothing less than twenty years. Twenty years, we have been in the service of lending a helping hand to people and helping them get jobs, secure a training program, improve on their education or to take value-adding courses.

Our Vision

We aim to be the foremost and leading network for providing employment and training to all unemployed persons—especially those at an employment disadvantage. We also hope to access many people without jobs and give them opportunities to acquire skills and gain employment.

Our Mission

  • We hope to achieve the following:

    • Encourage active participation of people without employment in skill acquisitions and other training programs
    • Build an effective network for providing employment opportunities to people without jobs.
    • Reach more unemployed people and ensure they recognise the importance of gainful employment.

Our Values

  • At ENET, we have a very structured program that supports unemployed people and guarantees them a better place in society.

Brief Background of ENET

  • The Essenden Network for Employment and Training mission is a non-profit organisation established as far back as 1975. It resulted from one of the schemes in Australia targeted at supporting the youths in the Australian community. The project is called Community Youth Support Service (CYSS), and it was fashioned to assist young persons at an employment disadvantage.

    ENET was situated at Moonee Ponds, and ever since then, it has grown tremendously into more grounded establishment steadfast in its course now more than ever. Since its establishment in 1975, ENET has rendered services to targeted persons in Australia.

    Within the year 1975 to 1988, ENET helped young persons within the age range of 18 to 25 with guidance and counselling, Literacy and securing jobs. Consequently, they assisted unemployed individuals in securing education, get them jobs and train them in specific skill all within the year 1989 to 1998. Around 1989 to 1998, they aided people who have long been without job secure employment opportunities and assistance.

    Since 1999 till date, ENET’s work with unemployed persons have been targeted towards all the above, and also, they have helped them transition from being unemployed to being employed. Over time, services rendered by ENET include RMIT, Trainee Programs, Adult and Community Education etc.