Building Capacity Through Education

At ENET, our Education and Literacy programs come in three forms

  • The Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE)
  • Hobby and Leisure Short Courses
  • RMIT Learn Links

These three shall be explained as follows.

The Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE)

As the name implies, this training focuses on Adults. It teaches them, thus providing them with another shot at education. The program allows them to acquire skills, knowledge and the right exposure necessary to become gainfully employed. As well as advance their wellness. With this Educative program, ENET underscores the fact that age is not a barrier to acquiring skills and becoming employed. All our programs are suited to each individual’s preference. So, if you want to study a course or learn a skill or expand your horizon on a particular field, you will get a suitable course at ENET. Our courses are run by organisations that are based in communities. So, they have easy access to Adults in local communities. We also ensure establishments of facilities such as the Adult education centres in this neighbourhood. And in more significant communities, we provide them with Adult Multicultural Education services and centre for Adult Education. At the core of our offerings are all skill level courses ranging from computer learning, workplace training, and formal education classes, including reading, writing and oral communication. As previously stated, the particular set of training targeted at Adults gives them a second shot at the education system.

Hobby and Leisure Short Courses

  • At ENET, we also offer a range of different classes bordered on hobby and leisure. These particular courses help to augment your skills and ignite in you some level of creativity.

    These courses under hobby and leisure are conducted in a fun and straightforward manner, such that it is easily assimilated. Additionally, it is the right way to meet people, network and make friends while also having fun and learning.

    Some of the courses under the Hobby and leisure include:

Yoga Relaxation

Yoga helps to unify the body, mind and soul while also aiding in its relaxation.

Italian for Beginners

We offer beginners course in Italian. This course is targeted at people who have a vested interest in learning the language for one reason or another.


this is mainly for people who have a niche for the arts. The course is based purely on applying watercolour.


This course is made easy for both beginners and advanced classes. And with time, you can achieve tonal degradation, portraits etc.

RMIT Learn Links

  • Another core offering of ENET is a range of different online courses with certificates from RMIT University. These courses are conducted online, and after successful completion, you would be awarded a certificate by the university.

    Some of the available programs under these Courses are.

    • Advanced Diploma in computer science
    • Introduction to the Internet
    • Certificate II form the business services Training package
    • HTML

    If you require more information about the programs, feel free to visit the RMIT University website.