General Services

A Peep into Our Other Services

Asides from services related education, training and employment, we at the Essendon Network for Employment and Training also provide general assistance. We tailor our general services to provide a more conducive environment for members of the community. Our services meet specific yet necessary needs within the community. We abide by the highest standards of professionalism in our delivery when it comes to these activities.

As a non-profit organisation, we also extend our services to the following:

Equipment Access

At ENET, we grant access to equipment that is not readily available, this we do at a charge rate which varies from time to time. Some of the equipment are computers, telephone, photocopier, fax machine etc. On certain occasions, we also take bookings for a particular period. This service is available to individuals and businesses who are in dire need of access to our equipment.

Our goal is not profit-making. Instead, it involves creating a pool from which people can access the equipment they require for vital functions. We offer our equipment while we keep in mind that we are a non-profit organisation.

Space to Let

  • At the core of our offerings, we also rent space to others. It could either be a sizeable semi-open space like a conference hall or just a room like a meeting room, or a computer room. And of course, renting these spaces also comes at a rate that varies from time to time. Regardless, our offering keeps in mind that we are a non-profit organisation. So, getting space from us is almost like you are getting it for free.

Resume Services

  • In preparing persons for employment, we help provide incidental services to them gaining a job, such as writing and reviewing a curriculum vitae, drafting and editing a cover letter, practising on tips to ace interviews, etc.

    Our services are not shabby. Instead, we spend considerable hours ensuring that we perfect our resume services. This is to ensure that you can be sure to achieve your employment goals with us. Also, everyone is eligible for this service, and it is open to everyone, including individuals registered for other programs.

    Our registered participants who have taken the course under the network’s supervision can access even more free facilities and equipment. We do not limit our services as we ensure that they are of the best possible quality for the benefit of participants and the community at large.

    We welcome you to trust our service offering and bank with our services. You can be sure to enjoy a rewarding experience.