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Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program

The Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program is a program that makes available for people training on how to read and write. They also teach individuals who need help with numbers as well. Or need help with a skill to advance themselves and position them for better employment opportunities.

The program is funded by DEST and is free for all interested persons interested in learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Available Training Programs?

  • Some of the Training available for people under the program is in three major segments. They include.

    • Beginners English language training with the use of ESL framework as curriculum.
    • Advanced English language training with the help of certificates in Adult education
    • Education and learning of Numbers with the help of certificate in General Education for Adults.

Who Is Eligible to Partake in the Program?

  • Persons within the age range of 15 to 65 are eligible to partake in this program. They must seek a job, and they must be identified as unemployed and seeking a job after being registered under Centrelink.

What Are the Offerings of the Program?

  • Some of the things that the program offers include:

    • You get a pre-test interview to help identify what your learning needs are.
    • We also offer a very conducive and supportive environment for learning.
    • The classes are small in size, so it is as interactive as possible.
    • The problem also offers you a chance to improve on your confidence and other life skills essential for day to day living.

Computer Short Courses

  • As part of our training programs, we offer a different variety of courses aimed at computer literacy. You also learn about the internet and generally, how computers function.

    The courses are incredibly flexible and not intense; thus, making it easy to learn from a supportive point.

    Some of the computer courses available include an introduction to Microsoft Office Suite including PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Kindly note that charge fees apply to these courses and the charges vary from time to time.


  • At ENET, we have a well-structured Traineeship program which entails diverse qualifications with national recognition. These traineeships can be delivered to any interested employment staff who wants to use the opportunity.

Who Is Eligible for the Traineeship Program?

  • Any full time or part-time employee who works for nothing less than 15 hours per week
  • Anyone who has a Certificate II
  • There is no age requirement or restriction for the program.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • This particular training is fashioned for individuals with interest in exercise, delivery and assessment.

    The programs have 14 modules which span over four weeks. With the aid of assignments, Classes, and practical, the aim is to test competence after which a certificate will be awarded upon passing successfully.

    For the course, you will be required to have access to the internet; you would also need a computer or an equivalent electronic gadget to aid learning.

    Some of the features of the program are:

    • A class minimal in size to aid assimilation
    • Test of competence through assignments, assessment and practical demonstrations