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ENET is an acronym that stands for Essenden Network for Employment and Training. It is an organisation fully vested in the idea that every unemployed person is a prospect and pool of untapped valuable resources. As such, these potentials or opportunities should be maximised to the fullest, groomed for gainful employment, or increase their employability in society.

At ENET, we aim to provide individuals with a pertinent and answering service that places focus on self-sufficiency and self-reliance. We are a membership-based community with established partnerships with various other organisations with a vested interest in advancing the skill development and employability in unemployed individuals.

We aim to be the foremost and leading network for providing employment and training to all unemployed persons—especially those at an employment disadvantage. We also hope to access many people without jobs and give them opportunities to acquire skills and gain employment.

Our Activities

Our activities cut across the following areas


At ENET, our Education and Literacy programs come in three forms. One of our training focuses on adults and allows them to acquire skills, knowledge and the right exposure necessary to become gainfully employed. We also offer a range of different classes bordered on hobby and leisure. We also offer a range of different online courses with certificates from RMIT University.


We offer a wide range of training programs for members of the community. Persons within the age range of 15 to 65 are eligible to partake in this program. They must seek a job, and they must be identified as unemployed and seeking a job after being registered under Centrelink. Also, as part of our training programs, we offer a different variety of courses aimed at computer literacy.


We offer a wide range of employment options. It begins with the Work for the Dole, a program by the federal government which helps individuals, majorly job seekers by providing them with opportunities to gain work experience. We also offer the Australian Access Apprenticeships Programme, which aids individual in securing employable skills to increase their chances of getting a job. There is also the Personal Support Program which acts as the link between crisis assistance on short term and assistance related to employment matters.

General Services

Asides from services related education, training and employment, we at the Essendon Network for Employment and Training also provide general assistance. We tailor our general services to provide a more conducive environment for members of the community. Our services meet specific yet necessary needs within the community. We abide by the highest standards of professionalism in our delivery when it comes to these activities.

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