Securing the Future Through Employment

The Essendon Network for Employment and Training has various ranges of employment options which will be discussed below. Some of them are:


Work for the Dole

WFD is an acronym that stands for Work for the Dole. It is a program by the federal government which helps individuals, majorly job seekers by providing them with opportunities to gain work experience. These work experiences are only available in certain pre-approved activities that are valuable to these local communities.

What Do You Stand to Gain?

  • By taking an active part in work for the Dole, you earn training credits which you can use to pay for your training. At times, the training credit to pay for your education or training might be up to 800 dollars. However, this is solely dependent on the number of work hours put in throughout the placement period.

What Are the Criteria to Volunteer at Work for the Dole?

    • Anyone above the age of 18 who works full or part-time on youth allowance is eligible to volunteer.
    • If you meet the basic obligatory requirements to volunteer

    Some of the DOLE projects ENET frequently provides for people to work on are:

    • Media production; entails the creation of an information pack on a CD-ROM.
    • Arts and Design; entails a creative process of creating artworks.
    • Production of Magazine; involves people contributing their literacy skills to the production of our magazine. Such skills include reading and writing.

Personal Support Program

  • This program is the link between crisis assistance on short term and assistance related to employment matters. The personal support program provides a safe place for people with non-vocational challenges seeking help to get access to various services that would help create a change in the participants’ quality of lives.

    People get into the personal support program majorly through referral Centrelink officials. The officials are mostly personal advisors or customer service officers whose primary duty is to point out participants with excellent prospects of joining the unique support program.

    This program is incredibly unique because it targets individuals at a societal disadvantage or people who are going through difficult situations.

    Some of the problems that the personal support program is targeted at addressing include:

    • Gambling
    • Improper communication skills
    • Deep-sitted psychological or mental conditions
    • Unemployment
    • Mood swing or personality disorder
    • Drug abuse and other substance problems
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Homelessness etc.

The Australian Access Apprenticeships Programme

  •  The Australian Access Apprenticeships Programme is a program which aids individual in securing employable skills to increase their chances of getting a job.

    These programs are an excellent way for you to kickstart your career and help you get ready for employment.

    This program is aimed at helping participants do the following:

    • Assist you in getting employable by being making sure you are acquiring the necessary skills and being on the right goal track
    • Support you in landing a job by prepping your CV and Cover letter, and teaching you how to ace your interviews.
    • Teach you other necessary skills related to the job and help you in the long run.